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Week Four September Challenge

Last week! Here we go with your daily tasks :)

Monday 9/26 Add some stretching to your day. Drop down to the floor when the kids are in the tub. Build in some extra time after lunch for stretching. Get it in!

Tuesday 9/27 100 circle crunches! Oh man these will be burning. Do 50 in each direction.

Wednesday 9/28 Smoothie day! Let's get in a smoothie for lunch, snack, or breakfast today! I love adding an extra collagen packet, multi vitamin powder, and a probiotic packet to add a punch to my smoothie.

Thursday 9/29 Arm Challenge

Complete the following: 1x thru.

40 reps tricep kickbacks

40 reps Overhead alternating shoulder press

40 reps push ups

40 planks walking plank

40 reps bicep curls

40 reps Low Rows

40 reps Reverse crunches with weight hold over chest

Friday 9/30

Feeling good and proud! Celebrate your success this month with something indulgent! Maybe it's a bubble bath, class of Prosecco, or a pedicure! Treat yourself! Virtual high five from me and all your team mates.

If you had fun doing this Challenge, I am planning to do a January Challenge as well!

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