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Final Hurrah for September Challenge

I am writing you on a rainy Saturday morning. It is a little chilly out and I bought some skulls and skeletons from Target yesterday. The girls are getting very into "scary halloween" this year. Kendall even wants to make a Haunted House--I am not going that far haha!

It has taken me a full month to get into the "kids back in school" groove. I think I finally found my footing and daily rhythm. Our school is inviting parents back in to volunteer more frequently, so I am scheduled for two different activities next week--which will be so fun! They are both in Kindergarten :)

Anyway, a lot of chatter to tell you that the end of September has arrived and Fall madness is about to begin ;). I hope you established some new routines during this month and feel a little more in control of your fitness goals/routine.

For the final week, we are doing the following:

  • complete 3 CK/Crush classes

  • create time to stretch one day for 10 minutes

  • moderate to low intensity cardio 2 days

  • 1 day of high intensity or higher heart rate cardio (could sub in a HIIT Class)

That's it!! It is a routine that will set you up for success, will not encourage burn out, and will lead to steady progression over time. Of course proper nutrition and sleep has to accompany any good exercise routine.

My final message is simple. Don't get caught up in the weeds of fitness. There is SO MUCH extra information available on IG, YouTube, inter webs, etc. If you are wading into the depths of fitness minutia, might I ask you to focus on the basics??

Move more than you sit.

Walking is wonderful for daily movement and is part of my week. But remember, walking will not move that needle regarding body re-composition and building muscle. It will only burn a small amount of calories in the moment. Not a bad thing, but isn't a huge catalyst for change. Your body was designed to walk. Think of walking as you think of drinking water. It needs to happen often and through out the day. Figure out a way to walk more.

Lift weights, use resistance bands, use your body weight. Add resistance to improve bone density and muscle growth. Everyone is aging every single day. You can prevent and even reverse the effects of an aging body by adding resistance to workouts. I can help you with this each week!!! Just sign up and show up. (even if it's recorded, show up for yourself).

Sleep 7-8 hours each night.

Drink water and decrease the damn alcohol. Said with love.

Eat some type of meat for most meals and find a breakfast that you love that includes 30 grams of protein.

I am so glad you joined me on this September Challenge. We will do it again super soon!!

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