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September Challenge Kick-off


Who is ready to take on a fun Challenge for September? It's post Labor Day, Pre-holiday, and hopefully you're ready to get into a routine again without travel on the horizon from summer. I am sitting at the beach as I type this, so I get it!!

Our Challenge will begin on Wednesday September 6th! Here are the bullet points for the first week.

  • Take 3 CK Classes each week

  • Complete 2 run/walk interval cardio sessions. At least 20-30 minutes each session. (if you absolutely don't run, then just walk but add some hills!)

  • Complete 2 Freebie movement sessions (yoga, biking, other strength, walk with kids, after dinner walks, swimming, gym session, etc)

  • Don't eat out...cook in!

I will update the blog weekly with our weekly details. On the whole, the bullets will stay the same, with some variation on the last one and the cardio. The Challenge will finish up on 9/30. Let me know if you are joining this one!! I am here to chat, support, and cheer you on.

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