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September Challenge Week 3

Ok, this is historically the toughest week to continue into your habits. If you're walking more, running more, lifting more...keep doing it!!!

I know most of you don't have any issue with working out consistently. That is likely how we found each other or why you have stuck with me for so long. We are two birds of a feather ;). For us, a daily workout is necessary and craved. I find its so motivating and helpful to follow some guidelines or a plan. I am currently following a half marathon plan to train for a November race. I am certainly capable of training myself--I have before for nearly all my races. BUT, I am finding it so refreshing and motivating to just follow a plan! It's holding me accountable and giving me a sense of accomplishment to check off the runs each week. Following this running plan is also protecting me from overtraining. I have a tendency to want more of a good thing :).

Just stick to your plan and be consistent.

Here are the plans for week 3:

  • Take 3 CK Crush classes

  • complete 2 days of strategic cardio (more on this below)

  • Complete the Stretch and Core sequence at least once. It's not easy.

Stretch & Core Sequence: go slow and focus on breath (exhale on the hardest part of the movement).

  1. Downdog to plank flow

  2. Center plank--> rotate into alternating side plank sides

  3. Spinal roll ups touching as close to toes as possible

  4. reverse crunch roll ups with leg extension

  5. Cross body X reaches.

Repeat all moves for 1 minute on the first round. Then reduce to 45 seconds and 30 seconds on round 2, 3. Refer to IG for video descriptions of each move.

CARDIO. Be strategic and intentional with your cardio sessions. Unfortunately, your daily walking the dog likely won't elevate the heart rate enough to consider this cardio. Daily low-effort walking falls into the NEAT category. NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This type of calorie burn is important too, but that's all it is---A calorie burn. These are low effort movements that ARE NOT exercise. But, the cumulative effect of many NEAT movements can add up to a big calorie expenditure. I went for an after dinner walk with my kids and my heart rate was in the 80's. A little boost from my resting HR of 50, but still quite low to consider it cardio. Moderate intensity cardio is around ~60-70% of your heart rate. High Intensity cardio is ~80%. You can use the standard 220 minus your age to get your ranges. For me, my high intensity zone is in the upper 170's....which is HARD! Try not to exaggerate how hard you're working without knowing your heart rate.

For this week, get in 2 cardio sessions in the moderate zone. If you want to sprinkle in some HIIT, might I suggest adding Arms, Abs, HIIT/HIIT Express Barre/HIIT Barre to your weekly line-up?!?

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