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Spring Mini Challenge Week 2

Already heading into Week 2 with our Challenge :). How did no sugar go for you?! I will outline some of my take-aways and thoughts.

-Overall, meals are not hard to be sugar-free or low sugar. It's the margin. The added sugars in processed foods is sneaky and I find the grab and go items tend to have the most sneaky sugar, dextrose, etc.

-Afternoons are hard for me to not have anything sweet. I really like my Fizz in the afternoon and have become a little addicted to a sweet bite around 5pm lol. I had a couple of coffees this week as a replacement ( I drink it black). This does the trick for energy, but coffee does work on my GI system too much. I actually started drinking fizz as a way to reduce the coffee.

-After dinner isn't really a problem, but I like something sweet after lunch. I solved that craving with the Cutie clementines. If they are really sweet and juicy, that did the trick.

I liked this challenge and I am going to continue low sugar moving forward and minimizing processed foods in general.


Onto next week! We will continue with our 3 strength CK/Crush classes per week + daily walks.

In addition to this, you will have 75 minutes be medium intensity cardio within this week. You can break this up into 30 min, 30 min, and 15 mins, or whatever increment you desire. Remember, this is a little more strenuous than your average walk. This time should include running, biking, jogging, more intense hiking, hill walking, weighted walking, etc. Heart rate is generally in the 120+ range.

Our Weekly Challenge will be PROTEIN! Eating enough protein can be quite the challenge. Even when we think we are getting enough, often times, it's still not enough. Eating enough protein will encourage muscle growth and repair, help balance blood sugar levels, satiate and fill you up, and help maintain a healthy weight. Yes please. Lean protein is the best choice--chicken breasts, turkey breast, lean fish, eggs, beans, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, lentils.

For this week, I want us to track our protein intake using My Fitness Pal or just old fashioned pen and paper. Every single day--track how much protein you eat. Ideally, most women are consuming around 60-100g (or sometimes more) a day. For an average activity woman, multiply your bodyweight x .8. That is how much protein you should strive for. More if you are very active or actively trying to gain muscle.

I like to use My Fitness Pal to track Protein and other things. I use the premium feature, but they have the Free app that is easy to use. It's just 7 days of being mindful and creating awareness.

Ok, let's do this.

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