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Spring Mini-Challenge Week 1

I hope you will consider doing this mini challenge with me to kick-off Spring! I find it's easier to commit to something with a shorter time frame. We will commit to 3 weeks. Here are the parameters:

--Take 3 CK/Crush or other Strength styles. It could be gym workouts, or something else. Yoga and low intensity mat pilates don't count....I know some yoga styles are more strenuous, but for the sake of consistency, let's say anything with a dumbbell ;)

--Walk EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even on the rest day. Even on the weekend. Even on your busy days. I bet you can find a window of time to walk...ideally outside. More on this in our weekly goals.

--Weekly goals to compliment the above elements.

Week 1:

March 20-26

In this week, we will do a minimum of 60 additional minutes of cardio per week. For medium intensity cardio, your heart rate needs to be between 120-150. For a more precise range, look up your age and maximum heart rate. If you do not hit this heart rate range, it doesnt count for your weekly cardio time. So, unfortunately the grocery trip and target run don't count ;). Since I have asked for you to walk every single day, you may not hit "cardio heart rate" within each walk. That's ok! Sometimes a walk is more refreshing and calm--that has great benefits too. You need to be intentional about walking faster, climbing hills, or using ankle weights to make your heart rate rise into that desired range.

In addition to our 60 minutes in the medium intensity cardio zone, we are also going to do a no sugar week. No added sugar, no fake sugar, nothing, nada, ziltch. It's just one week. 7 days. We can do this. This includes, flavored coffee creamers, traditional sweets like chocolate and cookies, syrup, honey, stevia, sugar alcohols, etc. This will be tricky for me and I bet some of you too. I enjoy my after dinner chocolate.

Maybe this seems very easy and do-able. Maybe this seems overboard. Maybe you need a jump start and kick in the pants before easy-breezy spring and summer starts! Let's do this together and feel motivated to stick to some healthier habits.

OK, week 1- walking, classes, no sugar. You ready?

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