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September Challenge

Who is up for a little Challenge?! Here are the details for our one-month fitness/wellness/balance Challenge.

Each week, you will take 3 CK/Crush classes either virtually or recorded. If you already take more, awesome. Each week, 2 days a week, you will do a 2 mile walk. Complete the daily tasks.

Special Challenge Packages and Offers:

  1. Limited Edition 12-pack that will expire within 2 months for extra accountability. Of course, I can extend the expiration date if needed ;) Pricing: $165

  2. VERY special offer for some extra attention. Maybe you have considered private training before, but haven't taken that time for yourself. Buy 20 classes and receive 2 30-minute virtual private sessions for a very reduced rate! Use the private sessions for yourself or gift them to someone else. You can also invite a friend to join via zoom for your private session. Pricing: $295


Challenge Details:

- Complete 3 CK/Crush classes

- Complete 2 extra days of 2 mile walks

- Complete the following daily goals

Monday September 5th

--It's meal planning day! Since this is a holiday, I thought we would treat ourselves to a shorter week of planning. What is the food plan? Write it out, order the groceries, and stick to it!

Tuesday September 6th

--Add on! Let's Add this little circuit onto your Tuesday workout or walk.

Complete 5 times

10 Push ups

10 T plank openers (center plank open to side plank)

10 squat to reverse lunge (count each squat and alternate legs for the lunge)

10 squat thrusters

10 upright row to shoulder press

Wednesday September 7th

Hydration Day! Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. (OR MORE!)

Thursday September 8th

Stretch Day. You made it to Thursday and are still going strong with our challenge and workouts. Let's take 5-10 minutes today to stretch. I will send you something special today via email.

Friday September 9th

Core Challenge!!

60 second plank

50 mountain climbers

40 v-ups

30 Squat to standing knee to elbow twist (alternate sides)

20 bear crawls holding weights

10 plank to frogger jumps holding weights

(if you're feeling spicy and have the time, repeat it but drop 10 reps or seconds from each movement)

Saturday September 10th

Get an extra walk in today! Add on 25 walking lunges every 10 minutes.

I encourage you to print this out or write each daily goal in a calendar. You can tag me on Instagram or just mentally check off each day. I know everyone is motivated in different ways. If you want to email/text me PLEASE DO! I am pumped for this month and adding a little fun to this month.

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