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Real Life in a Weird World

I have been a blog reader for 10 years+. I love reading about other people's thoughts, ideas, traditions, lifestyle, etc. My favorite types of blogs to read fuse lifestyle, health, fitness, and shopping :). I also have an acute sense for bullshit.


How is that for an opening paragraph?

Often times, when I read blogs, I get inspiration. Creativity is a passion of mine, and you will certainly find that if you take one of my workouts. I hope to provide inspiration and value within this blog. If you are looking for a grammatically-correct, error-free blog, that will not be featured in this space ;). Human error is accepted.

What do your days look like? I feel like some people get to live their daily routine as usual and don't feel the disruption from Covid. Others are reeling and still haven't come up for air. I oscillate between being grateful for my circumstances to being frustrated for all the restrictions. I find myself really itching for friendship. Not just a quick social chat at the playground, but a girlfriend talk where you laugh and share TMI. I also feel like I am floating on an island most days. It's me, these two little girls who like to take ALL my energy, and a really messy house. Side note: you people who literally keep your kitchen counters clear and living room free of toys....what am I doing wrong?!

Then on top of the weird Covid-times, we're going to throw in the holidays. I was checking out at Harris Teeter last night and a Christmas song came on their store speaker. I actually had this pit in my stomach and felt so sad. This makes no sense to me since I decorated my entire house on November 5th in major anticipation of Christmas. I am thrilled about the holidays and my girls ages. It just still feels off. It's heavy.

All this to say....I have been here and plan to be here for the future. I will be teaching daily zoom workouts that are designed to be HARD, fresh, fun, and effective. I have some In-Person training that is underway, with SO MUCH MORE to come!! Jen Dufresne is allowing me to have a presence on her Cross Conditioning Training studio space schedule beginning in early January. Her studio space is opening in the old Pink Hanger location in Providence Plaza. Yep, same Plaza we used to meet daily to workout. I will be teaching mostly barre classes with a sprinkling of strength or "other". (how's that for vague).


I want to wrap this up by saying I am feeling hopeful and excited for our future. Meaning you and me. OUR collective futures. We are laying the foundation now. None of us are going back to our former lives pre-covid. Lay your foundation carefully and thoughtfully. Is there a brick or two that isn't supporting you? If you need a healthy community that supports encourages, and motivates you, I urge you to join one of my workouts. No bullshit allowed ;)

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