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January 8, 2023

We are ONE WEEK into the new year. Barre and Express Barre classes had SO MANY people signed up!! As a small business owner, it made my week to have so many people wanting to join my classes. Thank you for spending a portion of your week with me.

Dinners I made:

  • Veggie and rice/bean soup. Very loosely followed a Minestrone Soup recipe with what I had on hand.

  • Turkey taco rotini skillet. Followed a recipe very loosely with 93% lean turkey seasoned with taco spices, onion, black beans, corn, rotini pasta, cheese, avocado

  • Burgers using 93% lean red meat. I don't use a bun and opt for extra sweet potato fries :) Family uses a bun.

  • Salmon, broccoli, wild rice

Week 2 Tasks:

  1. Focus on the gaps--what does the space in between your meals look like? Ideally, there is quite a bit of water, maybe some electrolytes, non-sugar coffee or tea, nutritious snacks that offer your body an extra boost of something! I know I want something sweeter in the afternoon, so I always have a 3pm Fizz drink. That has a little caffeine to give me a boost too. Are you a grazer/snacker? I always try to identify if I am actually hungry or maybe I am thirsty or bored :) I do the apple test. If an apple sounds good, I am usually hungry. If the apple doesn't sound exciting, I am usually bored. Let's tighten the gaps this week and be intentional with snacks. Make sure they are providing a source of nourishment and satiety from protein.

  2. CORE CRUSHER Complete this workout in addition to a class or your cardio. Each round, reduce reps by 2. Start with 20 reps, 18, 16, all the way down to 4. -Knee tuck-ins. Start on your bottom, pull knees into the chest, then extend out. Hands on mat behind you. -Russian Twists. Each direction is 1 rep. -Lying Leg Drops. On your back, lower both legs to the ground and without arching, lift them back to the ceiling. Hold weights in your hands over the chest for an extra challenge.

Don't forget to make your Sunday plan and check in with me if you want to! I love hearing your plan. It is motivating to me too!!

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