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January 15, 2023

Hello! How is the weekend going for you? We are at the beach for a few days. It is SO COLD, but we're enjoying some family time. Our condo has an indoor pool so the girls are having a blast.

We are entering into the third week of January which means you are in the home stretch of the 23 is for me Challenge! Don't forget to keep doing 3x classes each week + 2x cardio/walks.

Here are your two additional tasks:

1-Fun Finisher: add this onto the end of any workout this week.

50 air squats

40 Reverse Lunges

30 Push-ups

20 V-ups

10 Tricep Dips

(repeat it backwards if you're feeling it)

2- Pick something new for lunch. Try something outside of the box this week. If you always eat sandwiches, switch it up to a wrap or soup. Add fruit or some crunchy veggies as a side to your lunch. Lunch can be a make-or-break meal. You could set yourself up to be satisfied and nourished during the afternoon, or hungry and craving sweets.

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