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Hype girl.

Ok, guys! According to the media, 2021 is a corner we are all turning together. I personally have reservations believing hype or over-dramatized positivity. So many things occurred this year that I said would NEVER happen. They will never shut down our schools. The ACC would never cancel the tournament. I would never be laid off from a job. I will own my own small business. I would never unenroll my daughter from public school.

ALL that happened, and then some. I think most of us will live in a state of shell-shock for the next year or so. Nothing surprises me these days. It's hard to make plans and get excited for the plans--knowing it's highly likely you will have to cancel. My husband and I were discussing some vacation plans for this year, and while I want to research my little heart out and start booking reservations, I am trepidatious and feel like it's a waste of time.

How's that for a positive 2021 blog post :) haha Just keeping it real here.

If you are feeling unsure, timid, or weary of the hype, I get you. I don't have any words of wisdom, but I have some suggestions for the best medicine I know of. MOVEMENT! We can still move daily and keep our bodies and minds active. We can eat well and nourish ourselves from the inside.

I want to outline some options that include my workouts and personal services, as well as others!

As you all know, I started a small business this year...and THANK YOU for the support. Here's an outline of what I offer:

  • Daily Virtual group fitness classes. The styles range from HIIT circuit training to Barre. You sign up and can attend live for the extra accountability, or receive the recorded link after class is over.

  • Small Group personal training. This is SO fun. It's you and a friend or two. We have our designated time/day for our session. Currently this is a zoom workout, but I plan to do more in-person training in late January (more below). Super customized, convenient and efficient workouts. Usually 45 minutes.

  • Private Training. File this under things I said I would never do. Spoiler Alert: I absolutely love private sessions. Customized, convenient for your schedule, flexible, provides accountability. This is for the client that does not fit into the group fitness mold. Maybe you just need more accountability and motivation to workout if it's one-on-one. Maybe you have special circumstances and need a more individualized workout. Maybe your schedule is so crazy and you need the flexibility. Currently on zoom with limited in-person options in late Jan. Usually 30-45 minutes.

  • Monthly Program Design. You receive a customized calendar of workouts for one month (or the duration of your choosing). We work together so I can understand where you currently are with exercise and goals moving forward. I do plans that utilize basically zero equipment, other trainer's workouts, my own workouts, customized circuits that are written out for you, running, cycling, yoga, etc. I design a daily calendar that is flexible and custom. Daily accountability includes a check off system on a shared google doc--we both make comments throughout the week and make changes as needed. This includes 2 phone consults and 1 zoom session for program review.

In addition to my training services, I decided to become an Arbonne consultant this year! After seeing the positive impacts from nourishing my body with clean, vegan, and extremely high-quality supplements, I wanted to share the word with everyone! Arbonne offers some top-notch nutritional supplements and clean, effective skincare. I was already using similar brands, (some considerably more expensive) so making the switch made a lot of sense when the products performed better. I am so happy to already be helping several people make some clean switches in their skincare and nutrition products and I would love to help you as well!

I also wanted to take a moment and shout out some friends/former Flywheel co-workers in Charlotte that are starting-up, training, and getting after it.

  • Jenna Nygarrd, Sarah Pitts, Shelby Baldwin, and Denise Duffy are offering cycle classes on zoom daily. I have been able to join a few, and they are still teaching the most FIRE classes--expect a HIIT workout on the bike. See their instagram to sign up.

  • Shelby Baldwin is private training, offering nutritional services, programming services. Trainer at Cross Conditioning Training

  • Jen Dufresne is opening Cross Conditioning Training at the end of January. She has hired some top notch trainers to teach her signature method that caters to runners and cyclists by enhancing their strength and mobility training.

  • Julianna Rubino is private training, programming, and will be working at Cross Conditioning Training.

  • Brie Hollingsworth is teaching virtual Base Method on zoom.

  • Caitlin Collins Gulley is offering wellness packages as a certified wellness coach and also teaching on her own platform, House CollGull Wellness.

  • Denise Duffy is training in her own studio, SmartCore

  • James Gulley and Shane Lucas are teaching at Barry's

  • Andrea D'Alberto offers private training, zoom barre and strength classes, and sells her own booty bands!

  • Meghan Lee is teaching at Hillard Studio Method

  • Kerry McLaughlin is offering zoom barre classes

  • Abbie Louden is teaching barre, cycle, and strength on her own platform, Get Fit w/ Abs

  • Chris Vasami is offering private and small group training for athletes

I hope I didn't forget anyone.....I am sure I did haha!

We are still in the thick of a pandemic. I am sure I don't have to tell you that. I am finding JOY in providing services to former and new clients who NEED movement, wellness, and structure in the midst of chaos. How fortunate are we that the options are abundant (as mentioned above)!! I am SO happy that trainers and fitness professionals are re-creating, bending/flexing, and even thriving within an environment that is challenging (to say the least).

Your support is appreciated and not taken for granted.

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