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Hi, I'm Carrie!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Hello! I am delighted that you found your way to my website and my blog. I would be honored to work out with you!

A little bit about me…I am a major fitness enthusiast turned fitness professional. My background and education is in Business Administration Accounting & Finance. After deciding that office life wouldn’t work for me, I considered a few different options.

I began working for a major fitness brand that was in a growth phase—Flywheel Sports. During my 8-year tenure I worked in several roles for the company beginning with studio manager of our Charlotte studio, eventually evolving into Southeast Manager of the Creative Flybarre team, and ending in Creative Director, Master Instructor within the Precision Training program. Let me tell you—the years I spent at Flywheel were transformative and absolutely defining for my future. I auditioned, trained, and hired instructors throughout the country. I also collaborated on the creative programming of our content with the senior leadership team and made decisions about class format, structure, schedule, etc.

In March 2020, my fully-salaried, professional position would end within two days of our studio being mandated to close due to Covid-19. Huge loss. Shock. Fear. The most incredible sadness. I could go on and on, but I can save that for another blog post ;)

Carrie K Training Zoom classes began a couple weeks after the studio was closed. The support and enthusiasm for these classes caused my emotions to run over the edge every single week. Not only were people signing up, they were telling others to join them! The community was being re-engaged over Zoom and it warms my soul every single day.

When Jen decided to move forward with a Brick and mortar space, we connected. The stars aligned and we decided over instagram DM that we would work together. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have a presence within Jen’s space and be able to teach CK/Crush classes weekly!

I am a mother to two little girls—Kendall is 5 and Olivia is 2. I have a passion for helping women find their power through pregnancy and postpartum.

I am a hobby runner and find so much peace in early miles. Some of my favorite activities include list-making, working out with friends, a fun happy hour, and decorating for any holiday!

I cannot wait to see you in class, virtually or live. As I embark on this new business, I can tell you I am being lead by passion and a decent amount of grit. We all have to bend, flex, and flow with these unpredictable times. The one thing I can control is providing you with a safe, very effective, and efficient workout every single time. Let’s go Crush it!

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