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Challenge for 23'

While I would never be a proponent of a short-term "fix", I do find fitness challenges to be enticing. I am NOT into gimmicks. Arms or Abs in 7 days....don't waste your money. 20 push-ups daily for 30 days--you're not doing much other than creating a habit and checking a box.

For majority of CK-Crush clients, you don't need to jump start your fitness routine. You're already in it! Maybe you would like some fresh accountability and motivation though!

Our January Challenge is simple. If you take 3 classes each week + complete the 2x weekly "tasks", you will receive 2 FREE class credits. Basically, you get $32 worth of classes just by being consistent and working out in January with me!

I will post the weekly tasks on Sunday in the blog each week. You're personally accountable for completing them--feel free to tag or text me when you finish! I will account for your classes by your sign-ups.

I usually don't harp too much on nutrition because everyone has their own path, sensitivities, likes and dislikes. I will say this. I don't recommend alcohol. IN GENERAL. If you are a regular consumer, January is the time to be dry. Let's get our body in optimal working order and that doesn't include alcohol. I know that sounds cut and dry. There are bucket loads of reasons to reduce alcohol consumption, so just trust me.

We start on 1/1. Ohhhhh that's getting close and I cannot wait. The start of a new year feels so fresh and full of opportunity.

If you are IN, let me know in some form or fashion to start tracking your weekly class sign-ups. Or, maybe you're not sure! Reach out with questions or concerns. I believe in you and your willpower. Let's make 2023 kick off in a great way.

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