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Ask a Friend Series: Fitness/Health Holiday Gifts

I thought it would be so fun to feature some of my friends and clients with their suggestions for holiday fitness and health gifts. There are some GREAT ideas in this blog.

Jenna Nygarrd: Adidas Ultra Boosts to do different types of workouts with one shoe.


Kristen Fabian loves a good water bottle + Arbonne Hydration.

Brooks Sneakers We all love Ghosts for their lightweight and flexibility between running and strength workouts.

Peter Miller workout clothes for her husband. A new line by Peter Miller has some super nice athletic pieces.

The Whoop for her husband as well. It's a personalized health and fitness coach on your wrist.


Jenn Barnhart is thinking about this super fancy Garmin watch for the hubs.

Tara McElroy: She suggests a Ninja blender and this cookbook for a great kick off to the New Year 2022!


Megan Koza wants new workout clothes and some new Peloton spinning clip shoes. They have a million colors of these TIEM cycling sneakers.


Kristen Kille suggests: lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless Shorts for the hubs. And THE Short liner-less as well for hubby.

For herself, she has lots of ideas! Apple Watch, Weight Stack, Workout gloves, Camelbak water bottle, massage gift card, and Stretch Lab gift card


Jenny Black says she wants a Vitamix Blender for her morning smoothie. She also wants the Ember Coffee Mug. She gave her husband TRX bands last year!


Katelyn Hendrix wants TRX straps too!

Chandler Tribble wants a Fitness Tracker watch--the FitBit.

She is giving her mom Bala bands to add resistance for her walks.


Laura Lanier has tons of ideas!


Sloan Ware wants to get heavier weights for her home gym!! great idea.

Kate Hillier loves these Athleta Rainier Camo Reflective tights for winter walks and runs.

Liza Clark suggested new sneaks--Hoka One's to be exact. She also asking for a giftcard for classes to CK/Crush, so obviously I am happy about that! She also would like a gift card to Green Brothers for some healthy and yummy juices and smoothies.


If you would like to ask for a gift card for CK/Crush classes or would like to discuss Private 1:1 Training options, reach out! Email/text/drop a comment in this blog post. Private training has limited availability, but we can discuss your needs. You could also give the gift of classes to a friend!

I am super interested in this Bala Beam. I can think of 100 things I would do with this 15 pound bar :)

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Lee Zhijun
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