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A Closed Mind is an Expensive Mistake

I recently saw this shared on social media....gosh did it make me stop and think. A closed mind is an expensive mistake. That hits right in the chest for me. Have you ever been in a situation where you need to pick a direction and stick with it. You could do this or that--which is it going to be. For me, it's usually the "safe choice" and the "risky or off-the beaten path choice". 9 times out of 10, when I have made the scarier, risky, or "weird" choice, it's been the RIGHT move.

I look at my career path. My formal education is a Bachelors in Business Administration: Finance with HR management concentration. I tried to go down the corporate route and sit at the desk and do the things. I wore the outfits, packed the lunch, did the work. I felt legit. I received some raises, got a little title boost here and there. Ya wanna know how miserable I was?! The answer is....VERY.

I quit. MAN. That was a big day for me. I was very confident in the choice and proud of myself for just making a decision. Albeit, a risky decision since I didn't have another job lined up lol. From there I definitely stumbled around trying to figure out what my next move would be. I ended up back in school at the local community college taking some pre-reqs for nursing school. As a business major I did not have any of the science courses that you need to apply for nursing school. I had a feeling in my gut that I wanted to be on my feet and helping people. I got my CNA and worked a fun part-time job while doing courses. It was messy and not traditional, but I LOVED it. I discovered that I loved interacting with people and providing a bright spot in their day.

Fast forward to my husband and I getting married and us moving to Charlotte, NC. A part-time seasonal, retail position at lululemon would put me into orbit with Flywheel. LONG story short, I was hired as the Charlotte studio manager of Flywheel. Six months into that job, I began teaching FlyBarre. I hadn't ever taught fitness, but was a very enthusiastic participant. Maybe a tad obsessed....but ya know :)

The dots connected for me. Being on my feet. Helping people. Being a bright spot to your day. It didn't have to be nursing. It was fitness.

Fast forward to the pandemic. Lost my job in March 2020. It was devastating to watch and be completely helpless to stop the implosion. No more interaction. I didn't get to see my instructor friends and client friends daily and chat non-sense in the hallway before class. Those small moments of my day that felt frivolous and somewhat unimportant at the time were remarkable when removed. I made another choice, spontaneously, to start teaching again. AND QUICKLY!

CK/Crush was created.

I became a consultant for Arbonne in early October. That's kind of weird, right?! Why would I do that when I am so busy with my fitness business and being a mother? One of the best "weird" choices I have made in a long time.

First of all, the Arbonne nutrition products helped me create some structure to nourish myself. Being a fitness professional requires concentration on your diet--not just for asestheics. I have to keep my energy high, blood sugar stable, and consume nutrient-dense calories. I began following a regimented daily supplement routine and felt so STRONG and watched my muscle definition increase, and saw my recovery time shorten. I wasn't experience crashes and dizzy spells. I reduced my caffeine intake. I was more hydrated. I actually felt more motivated to cook well balanced meals and do more meal planning.

Aside from the actual products, the most interesting aspect of joining Arbonne as a consultant has been the incredible community of motivated, inspiring, and POSITIVE people. All of a sudden I had people that were cheering for me, mentoring and training me, supporting and encouraging me. I have built friendships, mentorships, and watched myself turn into a more thoughtful leader. The learnings from the Arbonne community would have been HUGE if I joined Arbonne 8 years ago when I started at Flywheel.

I am so happy that I found this company. Did I mention the paycheck is pretty sweet, lol! I am planning to do big things and I am bringing people with me. But only people who are ready to do something "weird" and take a risk on themselves.

Where is all of this confidence coming from??

I recently read, "You build confidence by keeping the promises you make to yourself."

If I analyze my current trends and patterns, I am keeping my promises.

Are you setting the alarm for your workout and doing it!? Or do you break that promise more often than not? Are you meal planning and then scrapping it all for take-out? Do you want to focus on clean skincare and nutrition, but just don't prioritize it?

Is the big picture of health and wellness, supplement routines, and workouts just too daunting?? Does it seem like an all or nothing environment?

A common misconception of success is that we must do the MOST. Thinking that you need to run a marathon, have a visible 6-pack abs, eat only organic foods that are local and homemade. What if you slowly adapted to new habits. New routines. The small baby steps become a bigger picture on your own time!!

While taking Sarah Pitt's cycle class this week and she mentioned there is a time and place for recovery, moderate work and more intense work. We cannot do every workout, every task with high intensity.

Consistency, willpower, confidence, keeping your promises.

Open your mind to that.

On multiple occasions, it would have been a very expensive mistake for me to have closed my mind on the opportunity. What do you need to be open to?

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